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Comares (20 minutes / 8 Kilometres)

Comares is one of the highest villages in this area, and viewed from the north looks impressive as it sits atop a craggy clifftop. Historically important, Comares can be traced back to the 3rd century BC, but it´s importance during the Moorish conquest is it´s defining point.

It was one of three principal forts in Axarquia, and remains of this can still be found here. Perched at the eastern end of the town is the remains of the fort, along with the local cemetery.

The streets are typically Moorish, small, winding and cobbled, and the view south reinforces why this became an important hill fort; they are just incredible. On a very clear day you can see all the way back down to the coast, easily identifying the towns of Velez Malaga, Torre del Mar and the other smaller villages that work their way inland.

At the heart of Comares is a small plaza, where a café and hotel can be found, along with the balcony which gives magnificent views east and south. Being a small village it does not have the range of facilities in neighbouring Colmenar, although good food and drink are available in Hotel Attalaya, which lies just down the hill from the central plaza.

Comares town hall have spent a lot of money renovating and upgrading parts of the village, there is a new entrance arch and wall, styled in a Moorish theme, when you arrive at the plaza, and a large area for car parking as well. There are also several good walking and biking routes that start here, and follow paths and tracks in the surrounding countryside.

Also not to forget the Via Ferrata that has been placed in the northern face of the cliffs, along with the Tirolina that crosses from Comares.

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