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Tuesday, 27 August 2019 18:51

I did it!

The Challenge - Using 7 sections of the most eastern part of the GR249 path, we'll hike across the Central Limestone Arch, wander through an expanse of olive groves, climb into the heart of the Tejeda Natural Park, and then finally drop down to the coast and finish in the Maro-Cerro Gordo Natural Park.

We've split the the walk into two stages; stage one is four days and stage two is three days. We'll enjoy a rest day in-between.

Stage one 






Stage two



GR249 day7

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Monday, 05 March 2018 16:42

Christmas Walking Week



Have yourself a different holiday this Christmas and enjoy a week of walking in the beautiful areas of inland Malaga. Carrying on from the success of the previous years holiday we’ll be spending five days walking and exploring in some unique, interesting and beautiful locations of the Malaga province.

Our walks are always relaxed as we’re not in a rush to get to the finish and should be easily achievable by those with a normal level of fitness, and we’ll always aim to celebrate the end of our walk in a local tapas bar, tasting a small local dish with a coffee or cold drink!

We head out each morning to our chosen walk, and with no more than a 60-minute drive, we'll aim to be back to the hotel in time for you to refresh and enjoy your evening meal.

The planned itinerary is listed below.

Highlights of the week -

xmas 2Tajo del Molino gorge and Teba Castle

A really delightful walk adjacent to the Guadalhorce lakes. The gorge has several limestone caves, with evidence of neolithic paintings, and the village of Teba has one of the largest medieval military fortresses in the province of Malaga. Teba village info.



xmas 3El Torcal Natural Park

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, our walk takes us amongst one of the most impressive karst landscapes in Europe. The Jurassic rock formations are surreal, and all that are missing are the dinosaurs! El Torcal Website.



xmas 4Maro Coastal Walk

Watchtowers to protect from pirates, secluded beaches and stunning sea cliffs make for a great walk along an incredibly beautiful part of the coast which has been designated a Natural Area. The brave can bring their swim wear! Route info here.



xmas 5Andalucían Villages

Not on the tourist’s radar, these small villages are full of character and typical of inland Andalucia. Located on the southern slopes of the Tejeda Natural Park, we will meander between the villages and cross the suspension bridge of the Senda de Saltillo. More info



xmas 6Comares – Moorish Town

This walk starts from our front door! Commanding an impressive position high up on the hill we make the slow ascent up to this historical town, and when we reach the plaza, are rewarded with impressive views to the south and if we’re lucky, the coast of Africa! Comares info here.



Food, Accommodation & Transport

The holiday includes breakfast (choice of continental or English), an assortment of cheeses and sliced meats for sandwiches, and a three-course evening meal with vegetarian options available. You can choose a single, twin or double room, and all rooms are en-suite, with free Wi-Fi. All transport is included; collection /return to Malaga airport and for each day of activities.

2021 Date, Cost and Availability - Wednesday 22nd to Wednesday 29th December - €699 per peson (4 spaces still available)


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Thursday, 22 February 2018 12:56

Explore Weekend

This three-day holiday offers a glimpse of some of the great walking areas in our part of Andalucía. We’ll explore the geological history from where our mountains were born, then a walk amongst these relative young mountains linking several of the small working villages, and finally we’ll visit what was once an impressive Moorish hill fort. A series of walks that take us from 22 million years ago right up to today!


Friday - UNESCO World Heritage Site of El Torcal de Antequera

walkweekend10El Torcal Natural Park has undoubtedly the most impressive Limestone Karst landscape in the whole of Europe and is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Around 200 million years ago in what was once the sea of Tethys, massive deposits of skeletons and shells of marine animals sank to the sea floor, and over a period of 175 million years created a horizontal strata thousands of metres thick. With the coming together of the Iberian and African plates, approximately 20 million years ago, the layers of rock were compressed and deformed, and eventually pushed up from the seabed to form, on the Iberian plate, the Gibraltar Arc.



The lifting of the once submerged strata helped to form a broadly flat plateau (which sits south of Antequera) and over the next 20 million years the process of rain, ice and wind acted to corrode the limestone to shape this spectacular karst landscape that we’ll discover in El Torcal de Antequera.

Our walk includes not just the main area of the natural park but also a less frequented path that includes an area called the ‘Seven Tables’. On this walk we’ll follow small tracks that take us beneath these impressive sculpted rock formations, and to the northern edge of the park with views to the northern slopes of the Central Limestone Arch and into the Antequera depression.

With the walk completed we have the option to enjoy some refreshments in one of the small plazas in Antequera, and to enjoy the view over this historic city.


flickrlogo copyAt only 14 kilometres long this makes for a thoroughly enjoyable day out. We do have to start by walking up in to the park, with around 550 mtrs of ascent, but once on the plateau it is an undulating path. Although an easy walk the path is often on broken rocks and does involve many small rock steps, so care is needed which extends this walk to around 6 to 7 hours.


Saturday - Andalucian Villages

walkweekend05On this walk we’ll explore several of the small villages that lie on the southern flank of the Central Limestone Arch and discover how the narrow strips of land between the mountains have been cultivated for the growing of olives. The Central Limestone Arch (a range of mountains that act as a natural barrier between the great depression of Antequera and the valleys that run towards the coast) is prominent throughout this walk and we’ll be walking beneath these dramatic and spectacular ridges with their craggy cliffs.



We start in the small village of Alfarnate, leaving to the west alongside the Rio Sabar, and then eventually climbing up to make our way towards the neighbouring village of Alfarnatejo. Continuing west we follow part of the GR249 towards a natural break in the mountains, and then turn south as we slowly descend to our final village of Riogordo.





This walk is set in spectacular surroundings. During the first part of walk we’re flanked to the north by the Sierra del Jobo (1641 mtrs) and the Sierra de Camarolos (1489 mtrs) which together form a ridge of mountains that in places seem impenetrable to summit. And as we descend to the village of Riogordo we pass to the side of the Tajo de Gomer (1175 mtrs); three summits grouped together and separated by impressive gorges.




During the walk we may be lucky to catch sight of some of the large migrating raptors, a striped-neck terrapin, or the Spanish Ibex clinging to the side of the mountain. In places where it is too difficult to cultivate the land we'll get to see the mix of Holm Oak and Olive trees in a natural environment. You'll also start to see the familiar karstic limestone formations that abound throughout this area. 



flickrlogo copy

This is a gentle walk of 17 Kilometres, often on flat surfaces and with gentle sections of ascent. Overall there is around 200 mtrs of ascent although generally we’ll be descending towards the village of Riogordo. Walk time around 5 to 6 hours.


Sunday - Comares Moorish Hillfort

walkweekend12Sitting on the top of a narrow rocky crag at a height of 740 metres it is difficult not to notice Comares when you are travelling around Axarquia. While traces of the Roman occupation can still be found here, for example the Calzada Romana, it is undoubtedly the Moorish occupation that makes this village so unique and from where the name Comares originates. It was also the principal fortress of the 9th century rebel Omar Ben Hafsun whose main residence was Bobastro Castle, near to El Chorro. 



walkweekend13Our walk starts from Las Cuevas, a small collection of houses that occupy the banks of the mostly dry riverbed, and almost immediately we glimpse Comares dominating the skyline high above us on the edge of the vertical limestone outcrops. We leave the riverbed after a short while and start our near continuous climb up to the village.

As we ascend through the olive and almond groves the view begins to open to the north, and now we start to see the ridge of mountains that include Chamizo, Tajos de Gomer and across to the Pass of Zafarraya. As we near the final part of the ascent we’ll stop at the spring beneath the outcrops and take in the magnificent views. From here it is just the final climb up the Roman road into Comares. 


walkweekend14In Comares we’ll grab some refreshments, after which we’ll take a tour of the village, including the Balcony de Axarquia, Cemetery, Church and Plaza de Verdiales.

We leave the village from the south, cutting back to the northern slopes, and then follow a narrow path below one of the ridges that drops back to the riverbed. When we finish the walk there is the chance to have a drink in Bar Ortega, and celebrate the completion of this fantastic walk!


flickrlogo copyThis is a circular walk that starts in Las Cuevas, a small village beneath the northern slopes of Comares. The route is around 14 kms with 675 mtrs of ascent and including stops this should take us around 6-7 hours. Highest point is 720 metres.


Weekend of walking - 4 nights/3 days. Includes airport transfers, single or double/twin room, full board and 3 days of guided walking. Only €379 per person. Arrival Thursday, departure Monday.


Dates - 2021 season*

Weekend Holidays

2021 - March 25th. April 15th, 22nd & 29th. May 6th.

*It may be possible for you to select different dates, please contact us to check availability.



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Friday, 29 September 2017 12:11

On The Trail

The Challenge - Using 7 sections of the most eastern part of the GR249 path, we'll hike across the Central Limestone Arch, wander through an expanse of olive groves, climb into the heart of the Tejeda Natural Park, and then finally drop down to the coast and finish in the Maro-Cerro Gordo Natural Park.

We've split the the walk into two stages; stage one is four days and stage two is three days. We'll enjoy a rest day in-between.

Stage one 






Stage two



GR249 day7

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Friday, 22 September 2017 11:43

Walking Map



 All of our walks at a glance! 

The map shows the current border of all of the walks we have, and the coloured Icons represent the level of difficulty for each walk. 

green1 Easy difficulty level. Offered in the Explore Inland walking holiday.

orange1Medium difficulty level. Offered in both the Explore Inland & Hiking the Summits walking holidays.

redman1 Hard difficulty level. Offered in the Hiking the Summits walking holidays.

black Great Malaga Path - Long distance footpath.




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Wednesday, 20 September 2017 17:24

Flora, Fauna & Geology





Arco de GibraltarOn your final descent towards Malaga Airport, you would’ve noticed that you cross a narrow range of mountains that run roughly east to west. These mountains form the western end of the Penibaetic system, which is part of the Baetic System which itself is a part of the ‘Gibraltar Arc’.
Formed by the north–south convergence of the Eurasian and African plates, the range is around 23 million years old and stretches from Cadiz in the west to Valencia in the east, and also includes the Balearic Islands.

Our walking extends from the limestone gorges of El Chorro in the west across to the coastal cliffs of La Herradura in the east. Within this area we have El Torcal, the Central Limestone Arch and the Tejeda, Almijara & Alhama natural park. Geologically these are still very young mountains, and this can be seen by the sharp ridges, steep faces and rocky slopes.


Another important geological feature that is found here is the Limestone Karst, perfectly visible in the El Torcal nature reserve, and featured throughout many of the walks, particularly whilst in the Central Limestone Arch and high up in the Sierra de Loja. It can make the walking tough, with the smaller Karst being randomly spaced and with razor sharp edges, but its' presence adds to the uniqueness of the walk.




flora3There is so much here to enjoy that a few paragraphs can do it no justice, although what follows is a brief introduction!

The Iberian Peninsula, particularly the south-west, is bar far the richest in plant species in continental Europe. The diversity of the flora in Iberia can be attributed to many reasons, but the lack of a permanent ice cap in the last ice age, the proximity to North Africa, the geographical isolation, and the climate have been major contributors.


flora4As we explore you’ll discover oaks, pines, matorral plants, mountain plants, and the endemic plants, but by far the most abundant tree you’ll see is the olive tree. Not a truly native tree of Iberia, there are an estimated 300 million olive trees in Spain, with 70 million in Andalucía alone! Where the landscape is broken by limestone karst, which makes it difficult to harvest the olives, we can see a mixture of holm oak and wild olive growing together.



flora5aThere is a lot to see in our little part of Andalucía, and although it may take a few return visits to view more, along the way we’ll have chance to discover many mammals, insects, reptiles and amphibians.

Of significant interest is the birdlife. The proximity of Africa, the migration routes, the combination of the mountain, steppe and maritime habits and, of course, the year-round superb climate make an ornithological visit memorable and rewarding.
There’s a lot of interesting information on wildlife at this great website.


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Sunday, 26 March 2017 17:05

Walking Holidays Price List


Booking your walking holiday with us couldn’t be easier. We've listed below the complete cost for each walking holiday, although you'll need to follow the link back to the individual holiday to check on availability.

And remember that the price you see is what you pay! No hidden extras, everything is included to give you a great walking holiday.

Fully Inclusive Costs per Person - Prices are in Euros

 Explore Inland - Long Weekend
 Explore Inland - Full Week
 Great Malaga Path Challenge
 Christmas 2021 Walking Week
No. of nights
Days of walking
Rest days
Cost per person

Booking Information

Pricing – The prices shown above are fully inclusive and include everything you'll need while you are here. 

How to Book – All of our walking holidays are scheduled, so please check with the specific information on each holiday to see what dates are available. To secure your booking you will need to eventually complete a booking form, but in the first instance you can contact us to discuss any details of the holiday.

Arrival - On the day of arrival we'll use this time to relax before starting the walks, It's also an opportunity for you to meet your fellow travellers.

Departure – There is nothing planned on the day of departure, so depending on the time of your return flight you can relax by the pool, or take a trip to Comares for one last tapas.

Additional Days – It is possible to add extra days onto your holiday (for additional adventures/activities etc.). Please contact us for further information.


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Sunday, 26 March 2017 15:28

Great Malaga Path Challenge





The Great Malaga Path - An epic long-distance footpath, completed in 2014, that circles the province of Malaga. With a total of 35 stages covering 745 kms, this circular walk starts and finishes in the town of Malaga, and takes the walker through some of the most beautiful areas of this province.



gmpco2aThe Challenge - Join us as we traverse the eastern section of the path from the small village of Villanueva del Rosario, all the way to the coastal village of Maro, travelling through the Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama natural park, which is unarguaby one of the most dramatic and spectacular parts of the walk. Incredible scenery, challenging paths, and undeniably Andalucían!

Key Facts – 8 days (including one rest day), 130 kilometres / 82 miles long, 5100 metres / 16'830 feet of ascent, 1387 metres / 4550 feet highest point


gmpco4The Route – Hiking the eastern side of the GR249 is more dramatic, in our opinion, when reversed! We start in the village of Villanueva del Rosario, which is located north of the ‘Central Limestone Arch’ and make our way south to the coastal village of Maro. The first half of the challenge takes us across the ridge of mountains that form part of the Central Limestone Arch, and then into the lower slopes of Olive Groves, and finally into the western flank of the Sierra de Tejeda natural park. 




The final part of our challenge is in the Tejeda & Almijara natural park, where the walking takes on a more serious feel. Initially we skirt along the border, and then start the climb up into the heart of the park, reaching an altitude of 1387 metres (4550 feet) with breath-taking views all around, particularly towards the coast. We complete our hike as we drop down from the natural park and finish at the coast on Maro beach.




On The Trail – The GR249 uses an existing network of excellent paths and tracks, and so doesn’t present any real difficulty. However, the section that rises to the second highest point of the walk (day 7) is steep, with parts of the path very loose, so care is required here. There are also two consecutive days that total over 50kms (31 miles) of walking, so participants need to be able to cope with this duration of walking. For a better feel of the walk, have a read of our 'On The Trail' article or browse through the guidebook. For any additional information please contact us by email.


Our Offer – The ‘Great Malaga Path Challenge’ is offered as a fully inclusive holiday. We’ll collect you from the airport (or other locations upon request) and bring you to your accommodation for the week. You’ll stay in a single or double room, with en suite and wi-fi, and includes full board. Each day we make the short journey to the start of each stage, and return at the end of the day.

2021 & 2022 Dates

November 5th to 14th 2021 - €799 per person (3 Spaces available)

April 15th to 24th 2022 - €829 per person (6 spaces available)



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Sunday, 26 March 2017 12:09

Fully Inclusive Walking Holidays

fully inclusive


Let us take care of you during your visit to Andalucía with our great walking holiday packages. We’re here to take all of the hassle out of booking your holiday, and to provide you with a unique insight into this amazing part of Southern Spain. There’s no hidden costs, everything has been provided, all you need to do is just arrive, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Arrival & Departure – Malaga airport is the point of entry for most of our guests, so we’ll be there to meet you when you arrive, and to ensure that you’re returned within plenty of time prior to your departure. If you plan to arrive somewhere different then it may be possible for us to arrange to collect you, please just let us know before booking.

Accommodation – You’ll be staying at our activity centre, a beautifully restored Spanish Finca, in the heart of inland Axarquia. Offering you peace and tranquillity it gives you an insight into rural life in southern Spain, and is a world away from the tourism of the coast. All bedrooms are en-suite, with free Wi-Fi and satellite television.

Great Food & Drink – If you book one of our ‘full board’ walking holidays then you can be confident that you’ll have all the energy you need to enjoy your day of exploring! Breakfast includes the choice of Continental, or the option of a ‘Full English’ cooked breakfast, with as much tea, coffee and fruit juice as you want. Bread, meat, cheese and fruit is provided for you to make your lunch, which you’ll pack into your rucksac for your walk. Each evening you’ll return to a three-course meal, prepared with locally sourced produce. We’re able to provide for vegetarians and those who need gluten or lactose free ingredients, please enquire at time of booking. 

Transport -  No need to hire a car while you’re here as we provide you with all of the transport needed. All of our routes are within 60 minutes from us, and whether it is a linear or a circular walk, there will always be a lift home!


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Tuesday, 07 February 2017 13:29

Exploring Inland



Explore the beautiful inland regions of Andalucia

explore3Join us for a series of walks that explore the rural side of inland Spain, as we meander around the mountains and olive groves and pass through the small villages so typical of Andalucía. Most of the walks are in areas that you wouldn’t normally find too many tourists, so don’t be surprised if we're the only ones on the track! During your stay with us we’ll explore the lesser known, but equally beautiful, areas at the western end of the Tejeda Natural Park. The small villages of Alfarnatejo, Antequera, Villanueva del Rosario, Riogordo and Comares will feature throughout our travels.


explore2During this holiday we will offer you a variety of guided walking routes that we would rate as having a ‘Low’ to ‘Medium’ difficulty. These are generally in the lowlands and cover between 7 to 18 kilometres, with around 5 to 7 hours to complete. Predominantly on well-defined paths and tracks, although we do have walks that take us into the open mountainside. All of our walks are local to us and do involve some travelling, but are no longer than an hours drive.




Weekend of walking - 4 nights/3 days. Includes airport transfers, single or double/twin room, full board and 3 days of guided walking. Only €379 per person. Arrival Thursday, departure Monday.

Week of walking - 7 nights/5 days (1 rest day). Includes airport transfers, single or double/twin room, full board and 5 days of guided walking. Only €699 per person. Saturday arrival/departure.


 More Information

More details on the weekend of walking can be found here, and the week of walking here. Also we have some great information on what you might see on the walks here, plus take a look at our guide to all the walks that we currently offer. If you want more specific information on this walking holiday then please contact us by email.


Dates - 2021 season*

Weekend Holidays

2021 - March 25th. April 15th, 22nd & 29th. May 6th.

Week Holidays

2021 - March 26th (Friday Arrival). April 17th & 24th.

*It may be possible for you to select different dates, please contact us to check availability.

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