Tec 40

Course pre-requisites

To start this specialty you´ll need to

• be at least 18 years old
• hold the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, PADI Enriched Air Diver & PADI Deep Diver qualifications, or have qualifying certifications from another training organisation
• have a minimum of 30 logged dives (10 with EANx deeper than 18 metres & 10 deeper than 30 metres)
• have dived within the last three months and feel confident in your assembly and use of SCUBA equipment, along with accurate buoyancy control. If in any doubt, then please contact us
• have a medical statement completed and signed by your doctor (download here)
• agree and sign the Liability Release and Assumption of Risk for Technical Diving (download here)
• agree and sign the Tec Diver Statement of Understanding and Learning Agreement (download here)
• agree to our course terms and conditions (download here)

TEC 40 Key Features

40 metres
10 minutes decompression
50% Oxygen (non-accelerated)
Full twin set configuration
Single decompression gas

PADI TEC 40 Course

from €562

Course Description

The PADI TEC 40 course is the first step in the PADI Technical Diving system. It is intended as an entry level technical diving course that offers limited decompression diving, and with added conservatism built in to the gas planning and decompression. The course allows you to dive to a maximum depth of 40 metres, with a maximum of 10 minutes’ decompression, where a single decompression gas (50% max O2) can be used for decompression (but not to accelerate the decompression).

The course will introduce you to all of the equipment used for Technical Diving, the emergency skills and procedures required, and how to plan your limited decompression dive, along with the correct selection of breathing gases.

The benefit of this course is not the depth (as it is actually the same as the PADI Deep Diver specialty) but the ability to extend the bottom time on those depths which seem to have a very short ‘No Stop Limit’. Diving to 30 metres is a great example whereby the using the TEC 40 philosophies, it could increase bottom time by up to 50%. 

We offer this as either a four or five-day course. The four-day course is an intensive course with time allocated in the evenings for theory sessions, and is ideal for those with previous ‘twin set’ experience. The five-day course allows more in-water time and spreads the theory sessions throughout the day, and is more suited to those who have no prior experience of ‘twin set’ diving.

Course Content

The PADI TEC 40 course includes everything you´ll need. We´ll supply you with –

• Full equipment for technical diving including wetsuit, twin bladder wing, harness and back plate, dual regulator set, air/EANx dive computer, twin set cylinders, decompression cylinder, hood, gloves, boots, fins, mask and weight system
• All gases, including nitrox for backgas and deco gases
• Primary dive torch, cutting tool, DSMB & reel, wetnotes, and compass.
• PADI TEC Deep Diver crew pack including: 1 x DVD-ROM Manual Tec Deep Diver, Planning Slate & Checklist Slates
• Certification upon successful completion

And remember that on this course there will never be more than three students!

You can book this course from €562 or alternatively enjoy a fully inclusive diving holiday from just €654 (2 people sharing)

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TEC 40 Course

The PADI TEC 40 course comes with a very informative and easy to use electronic manual (DVD ROM). Within this manual you´ll get to look at -

TEC 40 Course• An introduction to the PADI Tec40 course, and how this fits in to the overall PADI Tec course structure
• Equipment used for Technical diving; Exposure suits, cylinders, wing, regulator sets, stage/deco cylinders, DSMB’s, etc.
• Calculating best oxygen blend for our bottom gas
• Switching to a higher oxygen EANx
• How to use desktop decompression software
• Calculating your SAC (surface air consumption) rate
• Turn pressure and turn time

Included within the manual are three Knowledge Development sections that you´ll need to complete, and are designed to help you better understand and retain the information.

Course Overview

The TEC 40 course is split into Knowledge Development (which should be completed independently and prior to arrival), three ‘Practical Application’ sessions, and four training dives.

TEC 40 CourseThe ‘Practical Application’ sessions are designed to help you familiarise yourself with the equipment you’ll be using, ensuring you are reasonably confident in its assembly, and to ensure that you have a sound understanding of gas planning and how to plan a decompression dive. At the end of these sessions you should be able to assemble your equipment with minimum assistance, and confidently plan a technical decompression dive, within the limits of the TEC 40 course.

The training dives are split into two skills dives (dives one & two), a simulated decompression dive with skills (dive three), and finally the qualifying technical dive (dive four).

Within dives one and two you will be introduced to, and show mastery of, the following skills –

• Proper weighting
• Bubble check, descent check and S-Drill
• Controlled descent
• Neutral buoyancy – hovering
• Regulator free flow – valve shutdown & team mate assist
• Manifold leak – isolator shutdown & team mate assist
• Out of gas – use long hose as receiver and donor
• Swim two minutes sharing gas as donor and receiver
• Don, remove and replace deco cylinder on bottom and surface
• Stage and retrieve deco cylinder on the fly
• NO TOX gas switch
• Gas shutdown drill
• Deploy DSMB
• SAC swim – working and deco
• Time/depth and gas supply awareness
• Turn pressure/time limit awareness
• Simulated decompression stop
TEC 40 Course• Remove and replace deco cylinder in water too deep in which to stand

For dive three we are going to execute the dive you have planned from ‘Practical Application Two’. We will be shallower than planned (making this a No Decompression dive), but the purpose of this dive to ensure that you are able to follow your dive plan, keeping to the time/gas limits, and completing all necessary decompression stops. We’ll also simulate losing your main Multigas Dive Computer, so you´ll complete the dive using tables only, which you’ll have written on a slate/wetnotes.

Dive four is the qualifying decompression dive, where we will follow a dive plan from ‘Practical Application Three’. This dive will bring together all of the previously learned skills, and allow you to enjoy your first TEC 40 technical dive!


What other courses can you link in, and achieve greater enjoyment and safety under the water? As a qualified technical diver nothing can replace the experience you’ll obtain from just diving! Why not book onto one of our guided technical diving days, and continue your diving under the watchful eye of your instructor?.

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