When to come

When to come

Weather throughout the year and when to come.

The coastal town of Torrox, which is just 30 kilometres away, reputedly has the best climate in Europe, and although our weather does differ from the coast, being warmer in the summer and slightly colder in the winter, we do share in having over 325 days of sunshine in the year!


Exploring on foot, by bike or in the car

If you are looking to explore this area of Andalucía, whether it is on foot or bicycle in the natural parks, or further afield by car or 4x4, you can usually split the year in two; April to June, and September to November. The early months bring warm daytime temperatures of around 25 degrees, but it is the often clear atmosphere that allows for exceptional visibility and contrasts, that appears to make the landscape seem so vivid. It is also this time of year where the mountainsides and fields are carpeted in wildflowers, and with it so many insects and birds, that you'd be forgiven for thinking you were not in southern Spain.

From September onwards the weather is generally warmer, although still cooling down from the highs of the summer, and you find that the days can still be very warm (averaging around 26 degrees), and still with comfortable evening temperatures. The preceding months of hot weather has all but turned the mountains and lower lying fields brown, with just the olive groves and established forests staying green. Now the landscape takes on a more rugged appearance with the limestone mountains contrasting with the dry and parched land.

Worshipping The Sun

Worshipping the sun

With so many days of sunshine this is a perfect destination for those who wish to relax in the sun, and just chill, away from the stress and pressure of everyday life. May to September are generally the most settled months, with July and August giving the hottest temperatures (average of 35 degrees). It´s not unusual to have many weeks of sunshine during this period, with often not a cloud in sight, and never a drop of rain to be felt.

Winter Months

Winter months

It's not unusual to be sat outside enjoying food and drink right up to the end of December, where the sun is warm and the temperature pleasant. It is usually from the middle of January until the end of March that we have our generally unsettled weather. With daytime temperatures hovering around 12 to 20 degrees, we have a mixture of dry sunny days with overcast and rainy days. It's still possible to enjoy walking, climbing and biking during these months, it just requires a bit of flexibility of fitting in around the weather!




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